In the name of Allah, the Most Glorious, the Most merciful.

These are the frequently asked questions about using the Center:

Can I use the Center for my group activity? What is the procedure?

The committee will not prevent any Muslim group's meeting in the Center, as long it benefits the Muslim community and does not violate Islamic teaching and U.S. law. In general, the committee encourages all Muslims to learn about Islam and their fellow Muslims in the Center. In other words, the committee doesnot allow and support any group meeting for wasting time (e.g., playing), exercising bid’ah (e.g., dancing or celebrating a birthday for the sake of Allah), and other sinful activities.

Please inform the committee by email ( if you plan to have a group activity in the Center, especially if your event includes more than five people, any non-Muslims, children, or food. In the email, you must provide your name, phone number, activity type, date, time, and duration.

Can I bring my children, and they are bored, can they play in the Center?

We understand that children have their own world. Unfortunately, the center is not a place to play; it is the place to learn and practice Islam. Most of the time, children like running and shouting while playing. Such behavior is unacceptable because it will disturb other people in the Center. Please note that anyone has a right to remind the children and their parents to discourage such behavior.

Can my children play on the Center’s yards?

No, they cannot. If you want your children to play outside, you can take them to the park. There is a park near the Center called Adams Park, which is at 550 N 500 E, Logan, UT 84321. Please note, the committee may exercise strict or legal follow-up to handle any violation related to this issue.

Oops, I broke something. What should I do?

Please let the committee know; we understand that it might happen to anyone. Nevertheless, you need to replace it. All items in the Center come from donations. Therefore, all items are from the Muslims for the Muslims.

After I am done, what should I do?

You need to clean the area that your group used. We have prepared the cleaning and safety checklist. Please follow the instruction in the list. After you had finished cleaning, you must fill and sign the cleaning and safety form, which is available on the rack below the notice board of upstairs lobby, and put it on the office table. If you forget to clean something, we will call you to discuss follow-up actions. Remember, the Center is used by the community, so we have to keep it clean and organized.

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